We are once again worshipping INDOORS!! Sunday Services at 9:30 and 11am.

We are observing COVID-19 protocols. Every person is having their temperature taken prior to entering the church for worship. Please be sure to bring your face mask with you. Every seat in the sanctuary is at least 6ft apart. Or you can always find us on facebook if you are not comfortable with in person worship yet!


We have two wonderful services each Sunday Morning


9:30 am – Contemporary Bilingual Service

11 am- Traditional Service

Footprints in the Sand
8/30/20 Outdoor Church Services 9:30am
2014 Gazebo Service
2014 Parks Lake Gazebo Service
Three Kings / White Service
Sunday Fellowship
Sunday Fellowship
Sandra setting up for Coffee Hour/Fellowship
Making of Prayer Pillows
Prayer Pillows
2018 Narthex (Nancy & Julie)
Shabat Group 2017
Pastor Pedro
Ash Wednesday 2018
Gazebo Sunrise Easter Service 2019
2018 Christmas Service
2018 Christmas Service
2019 Three Kings/ White Gift Service
VBS Group Prayer
Jan 2018
Jan 2018
2017 Drive Thru Ashes/ Ash Wednesday
New Members 2019
2019 Jeanette and Isaac
Pastor Rosario and Jeanette
Palm Sunday
2018 Ash Wednesday Drive-Thru Ashes